Apple updates the iPhone checkout process with larger graphics, a stronger emphasis on trade-ins, and more

The iPhone checkout page on Apple’s website has undergone a significant makeover. Larger photos, easier access to shopping advice, and other improvements can be found in the new design. There is also more focus placed on trading in other devices.

A two-column layout with static graphics on the left and setting options on the right was used in the earlier iteration of the iPhone checkout process. This updated design places a lot more emphasis on expansive graphics and more sophisticated user interfaces for tasks like selecting a trade-in smartphone.

For images and configuration options, this new design continues to rely on two distinct columns. However, the vision is far more expansive. This is a welcome adjustment, especially in light of the iPhone’s various color possibilities.

You’ll come across fresh films from Apple staff as you proceed through the setting process, one of which explains how to choose your storage arrangement. Additionally, there is a fixed option in the bottom right to start a chat with an employee of the Apple Store straight away.

The increased emphasis on trade-in is one of the greatest improvements brought about by this redesign. You’ll be prompted to indicate whether or not you have a device to trade in after configuring your iPhone. A fullscreen interface is available for checking values, and a new video describing the trade-in procedure is available.

New comparison information between various iPhone models, revised frequently asked questions, shipping information at the top of the page, and more are among the additional updates. All the modifications may be seen for yourself right here.

This new checkout mechanism is only currently accessible for iPhone purchases. Older versions including the iPhone 12 and the newest iPhone 13 series are included in this.


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