Eliot the baby elephant (right) pictured with Beatrix (left) and Kadiki (center);  all three are orphans

Orphaned calf whose family was killed by lightning strike is taken under the wing of older elephants

Stay with us little one! Adorable orphaned calf whose entire family was killed by lightning is taken under the wing of friendly older elephants Eliot was rescued on Christmas Day and brought to…

An elephant stands in front of an ancient marula tree in the Kapama Private Game Reserve

How elephants of South Africa and their love of fruit play a vital role in making luxury GIN

For centuries, elephants have been drawn to the scent of ripened marula fruit across the plains of South Africa. Generations of families have learned from the elephants’ instincts and as soon as the…

The herd, which included nine calves, gobbled up the contents and became so drunk that the locals were unable to wake them from their deep sleep.

Two dozen elephants sleep off booze binge after drinking Indian villagers' home-brew alcohol

A herd of two dozen elephants got so drunk after drinking homemade alcohol made by villagers in India that they collapsed and had to sleep to recover from the heavy night of booze….

exhausting work!  Two exhausted baby elephants lie down for a bit after playing in Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa

Young elephants slump next to each other after exhausting themselves splashing around 

This is the adorable moment when young elephants collapse side by side after exhausting themselves from splashing around in the mud. Photographer Annie Laing, 64, took pictures of elephants playing in Addo Elephant…